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  • Solar PV System

    Photovoltaic (PV) technology utilises solar cells to convert sunlight directly into electricity. It is different from the solar thermal or solar water heating system which uses free heat from the sun to heat up water for domestic use.
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  • Feed-in Tariff

    A feed-in tariff (FiT) is a policy mechanism designed to promote investment in Renewable Energy (RE) technologies by offering long-term power purchasing contracts to RE producers at a fixed premium rate.
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  • Grid PV System

    The term ‘Grid Connected’ pertains to a PV System that is connected and feeds electricity back directly to a large grid, for example, the local utility company or the national grid (Grid) that provides electricity to consumers.
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  • Benefits of Solar PV System

    • Sustainable
    • Efficient
    • Low Maintenance
    • Easy & Quick to Install
    • Guaranteed Performance
    • 21 Years of Payment
    • Secures Electricity Supply
    • Reduces Carbon Emissions

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