Solar PV System

  • Why Would You Need a PV Inverter With Integrated Battery?

    The Sunny Boy Smart Energy is now available! Check out the new video to find out what it can do and why it is the perfect choice to increase your solar power utilization!

  • What Does Self-Consumption of Solar Power Mean?

    It’s a good idea to use self-generated solar electricity. You can save money and make yourself independent from the rising electricity prices; and how you are able to operate the washing machine with solar power.

  • What is a Micro Inverter?

    This video shows why the Sunny Boy 240 is the ideal inverter for a flexible, modular PV system: The Sunny Boy 240, in combination with the Sunny Multigate, is the perfect, easy-to-install solution for various applications such as differently arranged substrings and systems with regularly shaded modules.

  • How does solar energy work?

    A short movie on how we can benefit from photovoltaics supplying the worldwide energy demand.

  • Photovoltaics in 60 seconds

    Explaining how a Solar Power System Works and differences between Photovoltaics and solarthermics.