Knowledge Base

01. What is the minimum age to apply for a Feed-in Approval (FiA)?

21 years old.

02. I’m not a Malaysian, can I apply for the FiA?

Yes, a foreigner or a permanent resident of at least 21 years of age are eligible to apply.

03. Is there a limit to the number of FiA application that can be made by a person?

Yes. Every individual is only allowed a maximum of 2 FiAs, each limited to 12kWp.

04. Can I use the electricity generated to power appliances in my home?

Yes, you can. But if your home has incoming supply from TNB, we recommend that all the electricity generated by the system be sold to TNB at the premium FiT rate.

05. What happens if I sell the premise or move after getting the FiA? Is there any penalty?

You can transfer the Feed-in Approval to the new owner with the same tariff and remaining effective period or surrender the FiA without penalty.

06. Do I need to be the property owner to apply?

No, but you need to produce an agreement with the owner granting you the permission to install a PV system at the premise and to apply for FiT throughout the FiA effective period.

07. Does the solar system generate power on a rainy day?

Yes it does, although it would give a lower yield compared to a sunny day. The PV system generates power even with small amounts of dispersed sunlight during the day.

08. Why does financing increase my return on investment?

Financing your solar PV system would result in lower capital employed (cash), bringing about higher returns per Ringgit spent.

09. Is the Renewable Energy Power Purchasing Agreement secure?

Yes it is very secure. It is a stamped legal document signed with TNB of which they agree to purchase your power at a premium rate for the next 21 years.